The Cross Out ask blog is up!
go ask characters questions and shiet


The Cross Out ask blog is up!

go ask characters questions and shiet

What if I add a supernatural element to this? Not Supernatural as in the show, but magical and fantasy.

I’ve got a few ideas. I want there to be something /else/ to set it apart from other College AUs, but I also don’t want the supernatural element to overtake the story.

I’ve got this yo.

It’s actually really awful to love Nico, because he’s really not in the series that often. I skimmed through third, fourth, and fifth books when I was gonna write a fanfic months ago, and he was barely in them. And there was only one part that could POSSIBLY show his crush for Percy, but it was really ambiguous.

jason is 6’1”

like. wow. that’s v tall. nice.

you should do it, i bet it would turn out great

I may already have started planning it…

I’m determining which characters I want in the story, what year of college they’ll be in, and what majors they’re gonna have. Also, the campus is gonna be based on Arcadia since I’m visiting there tomorrow and my friend told me that the campus is really pretty.

I’m thinking that the sibling characters (Hazel, Bianca, Thalia) won’t go to the same college, or still be in high school, but will visit on occasion.

I’m actually really excited for this. I’ve been wanting to write a Nico/Jason fic for a while.

OH YEAHHHHHHHHH hehe well you should follow pjandco I post PJ related art every day at 7 except the queue is empty…and i cant fill it anytime soon…heheheheheh

Oh man, that blog’s super cute, okay

Everyone, go follow it :#

DO ITTTTTTTTTTTT hey are you following pjandco? is that how i met you?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don’t think so. I was the one that ran the Nico di Angelo pillow blog for like, two weeks before I had to delete it. I think that you started following me from that.

There’s no multi-chapter Jason/Nico fics that I know of… that are popular…

I could write one… I could be THAT guy… I could do it…………

i can be the one………..

i wish i had irl friends that would play dungeons and dragons…


So one of my friends broke her arm falling off her porch and her hot neighbor friend took her to the emergency room. When she about to get a xray the technician asked “is there any possibility of you being pregnant?” and she’s like “No” the technician looked at her, looked the the hot neighbor friend then look back at her and asked "Are you sure?"




This website is AMAZING and I will be using it with a few others hopefully soon

its all based online played through a browser with an ENDLESS amount of options

This is the video tour to check it out

and here is a general GM tutorial on how to use it

It’s a pretty easy to learn system and its really fun to use

Get it

Lets play guys

Roll 20

This may be relevant to some of y’all’s interests.


Guy Picking Up Guys

well that went better than i expected

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